Low Energy Electromagnetic Physics Working Group


IMPORTANT : this web page is no more active. Both "Low Energy" and "Standard" electromagnetic physics working groups of the Geant4 collaboration have been merged into a single "Electromagnetic Physics" working group from June 2019. 

The Geant4 Low Energy Electromagnetic Physics Working Group develops and maintains sets of processes and models to describe the electromagnetic interactions of photons, electrons, positrons, hadrons and ions with matter down to very low energies (eV scale), including the Geant4-DNA project, initiated by the European Space Agency.

Applications of such processes and models range from high energy physics to space science and bio-medical applications.

These activities take place in full collaboration with the Standard Electromagnetic Physics Working Group of the Geant4 collaboration.

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See our main publications listed on the Geant4@IN2P3 publications page and on the Geant4 publications page.

Geant4 Virtual Machine

  • Geant4 for VMware and VirtualBox is a link to a free and ready-to-use software suite allowing you to run entirely Geant4 (a so-called Geant4 Virtual Machine) and associated tools on a Windows PC or Mac under the VMware or VirtualBox software without the need for Geant4 installation
  • Follow us on Geant4VM on Twitter for updates of this virtual machine.

User forum

Check this link to access the Geant4 electromagnetic physics user forum.


In 2019, 29 members belong to this working group.

  • Bordage Marie-Claude, CNRS, France
  • Brown Jeremy, TUDelft, The Netherlands
  • Depaola Gerardo, FAMAF, Argentina
  • Dondero Paolo, Swhard, Genova, Italy
  • Faddegon Bruce, UCSF, CA, USA
  • Francis Ziad, St Joseph U., Lebanon  
  • Guatelli Susanna, Wollongong U., Australia
  • Gueye Paul, Hampton U., VA, USA
  • Incerti Sébastien, CNRS, France (WG coordinator - since 2008)
  • Ivantchenko Vladimir, CERN, Switzerland
  • Karamitros Mathieu, Pessac, France
  • Kyriakou Ioanna, Ioannina U., Greece
  • Lampe Nathanael, Melbourne, Australia
  • Lee Se Byeong, NCC, Korea
  • Longo Francesco, INFN/Trieste, Italy
  • Mantero Alfonso, Swhard, Genova, Italy  
  • Pandola Luciano, INFN/LNS, Italy (WG deputy coordinator - since 2008)
  • Petrovic Ivan, Vinca Institute, Belgrade, Serbia
  • Raine Mélanie, CEA, France 
  • Ramos-Mendez Jose, UCSF, CA, USA
  • Reis Miguel, ITN, Portugal 
  • Ristic-Fira Aleksandra, Vinca Institute, Belgrade, Serbia
  • Russo Giorgio, INFN/LNS, Italy
  • Sakata Dousatsu, Wollongong U., Austalia
  • Santin Giovanni, ESA/ESTEC, The Netherlands
  • Shin Jae Ik, NCC, Korea
  • Shin Wook Geun, Bordeaux U., France 
  • Tran Hoang, CEA, France
  • Villagrasa Carmen, IRSN, France


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