The Geant4 persistency working group is responsible for the development and maintenance of different persistency mechanism for the Geant4 geometry classes as well as event information classes such as hits, particles, etc.
The working group also includes activities related to the analysis tools and managers defined in Geant4.

The Working Group is currently composed by:

  • Gabriele Cosmo, CERN (coordinator)
  • Pedro Arce Dubois, CIEMAT (ASCII module)
  • Guy Barrand, IN2P3 (analysis tools)
  • Ivana Hrivnacova, IN2P3 (analysis managers)
  • Witold Pokorski, CERN (GDML module, MC-truth, Object persistency)

Geometry Description Markup Language is an XML-based language dedicated to detector geometry description. GDML binding for Geant4 allows reading GDML information into Geant4, as well as writing out GDML files from the Geant4 geometry.

ASCII, text-format Detector Persistency
Geometry Description persistency based on a plain text description, according to a well defined syntax for identifying the different geometrical entities (solids, volumes, materials and volume attributes) with associated parameters.

Geant4 Object Persistency
The goal of the Geant4 Object Persistency work package is to provide the interface for the Root I/O machinery. Such an interface would allow saving all the geometry information from a Geant4 application into the Root binary file. The file could then be reused in different applications.

  • Demonstrated with extended examples in the Geant4 distribution

HepMC Interfaces
The HepMC interface provides a way of storing the Monte Carlo Truth information coming from a Geant4 simulation, using the HepMC event record.

  • Available as extended example in the Geant4 distribution

The analysis module in Geant4 provides classes and tools for allowing generation of simple histograms and n-tuples in different file formats (ROOT, AIDA XML, CSV and HBOOK).

  • The module makes use of the g4tools package