2022 Visualisation workplan

OpenGL drivers:

  • Migration to Qt6 (1)
  • Adapt to newer OpenGL versions, exploit new functionalities and replace deprecated calls such as glBegin/glEnd - (2)/(*)
  • Improvements to toolbar in OpenGL Qt - (1)
  • Improvements on sceneTree
  • Fix issue with parametrized volumes

Vtk driver

  • Fully develop for medical applications (large renderings)

Other drivers:

Public Minutes of 127th Steering Board, 31st January 2022

Submitted by ribon on Fri, 02/04/2022 - 14:14

Present: Mihaly Novak, Hisaya Kurashige, Dennis Wright, Makoto Asai (OB liaison), Vladimir Ivanchenko, Marc Verderi, Alberto Ribon, Koichi Murakami, Alex Howard, Soon Yung Jun, Francesco Romano, Gabriele Cosmo, Laurent Garnier, Ivana Hrivnacova, Witek Pokorski, Gunter Folger, Shogo Okada , Daren Sawkey, Ben Morgan, Luciano Pandola

Excused: Susanna Guatelli


1. Situation with respect to the pandemic

No specific difficulties have to be reported.

2. Regular items