Minutes2017 01 11

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Minutes of 11 January 2017 Meeting of Geant4 Technical Forum
Editor: A. Morsch, 11 January 2017
- Starting at 16:00

General introduction of version 10.3 and prospect
+ see slides for details
+ clarification on slide 4:
v10.1 supports also C++98
>=v10.2 is only C++11
+ next TF April / March

Highlights of version 10.3 - non–physics part
+ see slides

Highlights of version 10.3 – EM physics part
+ see slides
+ clarification on slide 3 [Multiple Scattering]
users neeed to check whether they have still PostStep in custom physics list

Highlights of version 10.3 – Hadronic physics part
+ see slides

Open requirements
+ see slides
+ 3301 Multithreading processing driven by experiment framework
- proposed and accepted to close

+ 4005 and 4001 have been closed due to lack of resources
- might me better to mark them in JIRA as pending or dormant
since there is interest to work on them when manpower available

**** New Requirements
Status of Geant4 in CMS
+ see slides

Validation of Physics Models of Geant4 using data from CMS Experiment
+ see slides
+ CMS is ready to perform benchmark tests with v10.3
+ no large improvement seen with collision data but overall agreement OK.
Improvement in comparison with test-beam data mainly at high-pT whereas collision data
(isolated hadrons) are mainly low-pT.

+ see slides
+ on slide 3
- bad CPI obtained in single muon (50 GeV) simulations and pions (full spectrum)

- Proposal to organise a LPCC Detector Simulation meeting mid 2017
- HP neutron (shielding PhysicsList) is restored in 10.3,
no plans to patch 10.2. Fermilab neutrino experiments are interested in this.
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