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Minutes of 9 December 2015 Meeting of Geant4 Technical Forum

Editor: A. Morsch, 10 December 2015

- Starting at 16:10

General Introduction of version 10.2 and prospects
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Highlights of Version 10.2 - non-physics part
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Highlights of Version 10.2 - EM Physics
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Clarification on slide 9: with WVI multiple scattering model + single and
hadronic elastic scattering the Chi^2 has been reduced by a factor of two.
The most constraining region of the data is at medium thickness.

Highlights of Version 10.2 - Hadronic Physics
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Open Requirements
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slide 9: Time step precision with 28 significant digits for decay time of
very long-lived isotopes. To be discussed with requestor. Proper numerical
approximation could already solve the problem.

Comment on slide 9: UV reflectivity data at cryogenics temperatures complicated
profiles of reflectivity as functions of angle and wavelength.
There is no experimental data to guide or validate the model.

Reminder: Important request from Mu2e: improved anti-proton production from
proton beam in FTFP_BERT

**** New Requirements
Uses v10.0patch3 in production.
v10.1 and v10.2 are used in tests. Hadronic response has changed, hence,
validation is needed. No decision yet.

on Bugs and other issues (slide 8):
- G4MultiLevelLocator issue has been solved in v10.2
- Field design issue is being worked on. Tests failed so far.

Next Meeting will be scheduled in March 2016
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