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Minutes of 14 January 2015 Meeting of Geant4 Technical Forum

Editor: A. Morsch, 14 January 2015

- Starting at 16:10

General introduction of version 10.1 and prospects


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Important question to users: How long should version 9.6 be supported?
Expect answer by next TF meeting, early spring 2015.

Highlights of version 10.1 - non-physics part


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Q: How much has the API changed ?
A: No changes between versions 10.0 and 10.1
Many changes for 10.0 but mainly related to the multi-threaded mode;
invited to look at the release notes in the chapter
"Items for migration of the user code".

on slide 9,

- New framework for “generic” biasing for physics-based biasing – first in 10.0

M. Verderi: The generic biasing framework allows to change probability of
occurrence of physics processes. The exponential-law can be changed, which needs the
knowledge of the cross-section. The cross-section is now available at the beginning
of each step.
User can implement biasing through simple abstract base classes. Examples are provided.

Highlights of version 10.1 - EM Physics


+see slides

Highlights of version 10.1 - Hadronic physics


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on slide 13, bug in neutron elastic cross-section

V. Ivantchenko: _TRV physics lists are not affected, they use different cross-sections.

Open requirements


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CMS uses so called "big plugin approach", a hybrid between shared and static libraries.
Requirement not an issue anymore for CMS.

**** New Requirements



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Suggesting to hold a third LPCC Workshop towards end of the year to discuss results
on new data.

Makoto concerning slide 4, HepMC format:

In the past HepMC design has diverged and has been formally dropped.
If HepMC3 interface has converged it can be reintroduced into Geant4.



+ see slides

FNAL Intensity Frontier experiments


- on slide 4, anti-proton production, discrepancy between data and Geant4 FTFP

A. Ribon: One should compare to FTFP_BERT and see whether this makes a difference.

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