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Minutes of 10 December 2013 Meeting of Geant4 Technical Forum

Editor: A. Morsch, 12 December 2013

- Starting at 14:30

General introduction and prospects
+ see slides
- on migration to Geant4 v10.0
For standard sequential mode only a small number of changes in
the user code are needed.
For users that implement non-standard features like hand-written
physics lists or private implementation of run manager migration
might be more work.

- Q: is serial mode and multi-threading with one thread the same
A: yes it is

Geant4 version 10.0 general highlights
+ see slides

EM physics highlights
+see slides

Hadronic physics highlights
+see slides
AM notes that there is a paper on
"Extended Glauber Model of Antiproton-Nucleus Annihilation for All Energies
and Mass Numbers" on the archive http://arxiv.org/abs/1311.6188
which might be interesting for antibaryon transport in G4.

Multi-threading highlights
+see slides

Open requirements
+see slides

New Requirements

ATLAS Report
+see slides
- developers should provide a list of particles transported by G4 (slide 7)
to avoid problems with generators handing out particles not known to G4.
- use of G4 version
- testing v10.0
- v9.4 just closed
- v9.6 be used two years more
- for MC workshop 10B eventrs with v9.4, 1B events with v9.6

CMS Report
+see slides
-correction to slide 2:
v9.6 used in productions for upgrades
and v10.0 for 2014 data challenges

- requests (slide 5):
- optimise structure of G4 libraries
- reduce thread local storage (currently 400 kB) below glibc static
TLS allocation limit.
AD: will be difficult to go below 48kB
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