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Minutes of 26 March 2013 Meeting of Geant4 Technical Forum

Editor: A. Morsch, 26 March 2013

- Starting at 16:00

Highlights of Release 9.6-patch01 - non-physics part
+ see slides

Highlights of Release 9.6-patch01 - physics part
+ see slides
- slide 4: "Worst case 5 mum step CO2"
Nothing special about C02, effect present for any small step size in low density medium

- slide 8: "boost to decay products", decay time was not affected since calculated in different routine

2013 work plan - non-physics part
+see slides
Question Z. Marshall: are there plans for unit testing of classes for the G4 10 release ?
Makoto: 100 machines dedicated to testing now available

2013 work plan - physics part
+see slides
Are there plans to introduce built-flags for models not needed for HEP (ex. DNA) ?
- Yes, but this code has negligible contribution to overall size of the libraries.

How to assess systematic uncertainties related to transport code ?
- Via changing models and tunes.

Open requirements
+see slides
slide 7, R3405
Comment Vladimir
2nd part of the requirement
"Allow for user physics module / extension (eg monopole) to be combined with existing physics lists"
is based on a misunderstanding. Examples for this already exists but need better documentation.

New Requirements

ATLAS Report
+see slides
- slide 2: ATLAS will skip 9.5 and move directly to 9.6
- slide 7 ISF: Makoto remarks that he wants to be in the loop foe these activities

CMS Report
+see slides
slide 2: John: 6.5 billion simulated events are fully simulated events
slide 3, point 3: also difference between simulated jet spectra and data

LHCb Report
+see slides
slides 11,12,13
Comment John asymmetries only related to ratio of cross-sections
Vladimir: this is integral effect of all materials traversed
N. Watson: Fixing the pion asymmetry seen with FTFT_BERT G4 9.5 (slide 13) is a new requirement

Geant4 Usage and Feedback from Fermilab Intensity Frontier Experiments
+see slides
slide 7: requirement known and assigned
slide 8: possibility to create materials with the same name
- this is a feature
- Makoto: checking for same name + warning should be an option
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