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Minutes of 3 March 2011 Meeting of Geant4 Technical Forum

Editor: A. Morsch, 10 March 2011

- Starting at 16:30

Geant4 9.4 release and patch 9.4.p01
+ See slides

2011 development plan
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Open requirements
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+ #2801 Anti-ion interactions
ALICE will deploy the development release 9.4-ref-02 and participate in a
joint validation effort.
+ #2701 Cross-sections for K+/K-
Needs feedback from LHCb
+ #2702 Interface of Physics Builders
Can be closed

New models for Anti-Nucleus-Nucleus interactions
+ See slides
AM: Are elastic and quasi-elastic interactions of anti-nuclei simulated ?
V. Uzhinsky: Elastic interactions are the most important. They are simulated
by FTF. However, this can and will be improved.

Updates on Regression Testing and Stability of Geant4 EM Physics
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+ Slide 5: Issue of energy scale variation
G. Corti: It is difficult to reconstruct what was done for 9.1 studies.
What is important is to monitor the variations carefully from now on.

Requirements from ATLAS
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+ Slide 3, unexpected shower behaviors
A. Dotti: Findings contradict the ATLAS test-beam reports. Please make the results public.
+ Slide 3, G4 for cavern background simulations
G4 needs more information to assess the problem of the 100% CPU overhead
+ Slide 4, fast simulation
John: G4 fast simulation functionality is used a lot and has been used in ATLAS.
Need more detailed information about the specific use cases.
+ Slide 5, OO-ness
John: Repeated dynamic casts can be avoided. Technical details will be communicated.

Requests from NA61/SHINE
+ See slides
+ Slide 6
John: DPMJET interface possible but not for fragments, which need FLUKA; better DPMJET+Geant4 fragments.
V. Uzhinsky: SHIELD code extremely difficult to interface.
G. Cosmo: gcc 4.1.2 and not 3 is native compiler of SLC5

Requests from MPG HLL
+ See slides

Requirements and Developments by TU Darmstadt and European XFEL for the Radioactive Decay Simulations
+ See slides
AM: The single slide presented contains only a small fraction of what has been reported. Please provide slides
with a complete summary. Distinguish clearly between your own development plans and requests to G4.
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