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Minutes of 16 November 2010 Meeting of Geant4 Technical Forum

Editor: A. Morsch, 20 November 2010

- Starting at 16:40

Updates on open requirements
+ See slides
Recent Requirements
+ #2801 Light anti-Ion Transport: Good progress on recent request from ALICE
+ #2703 Accepted and solution proposed, will be included in plans for 2011
+ #2701 G. Corti: no feedback from LHCb yet
Recent Updates
+ #2501 CMS (S. Banerjee) confirms: request not longer an issue.

Geant4 9.4 release and latest patches

Updates on Electromagnetic Physics
+ See slides
Discussion on slide 20:
John: Option0 is default. Urban model used for e+e- WentzelVI for muon
No effect on overall computing time (typical LHC event); 10% for pure muon

Updates on Hadronic Physics
+ See slides
- To slide 4: Longitudinal showershapes have improved significantly between
7.1 and 9.3 but still work to do.
- To slide 5: J. Apostolakis: Following the improvements made on the FTF
model, QGS will be revisited and revised.
CMS is concerned about performance. D. Wright: no significant cost of

Users' presentations
+ See slides
- To slide 7:
"G4 experts (V.I.) to set up a customized EM PL with correct treatment of
MCS for all particles"
Comment V.I: Technically possible but no promise
- To slide 8:
Vladimir: Variation of calo calibration parameters with G4 release not
observed in simplified test set-ups.
Have trending since G4 7.0 and variation
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