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Minutes of 2 September 2010 Meeting of Geant4 Technical Forum

Editor: A. Morsch, 6 September 2010

- Starting at 16:35

John Apostolakis opens the meeting by informing that Makoto Asai is
the new Spokesperson of Geant4. Makoto Asai introduces the new
Technical Forum Chair Andreas Morsch, and the new deputy, Bruce Faddegon.

Updates on open requirements
+ See slides
+ #0401 Proposed for closure
+ #0402 Proposed for closure
+ #1202 Need to understand whether HARP wanted RGP specifically or whether
they are satisfied with the present solution (Bertini/FTF)
+ #1504 Proposed for closure, but needs communication with Scott Messenger to
find out whether 9.4 beta meets his requirements.
+ #1502 Prompt beta testers to give feed-back
+ #2501 CMS has performed tests and see no clear benefit.
Contact CMS to understand whether the item can be closed.

Newest requests
+ #2701 charged Kaon cross-section = charged Kaon interaction cross-section
+ #2703 Proposal to add header and trailer lines to error messages
OK with LHCb
+ #2704 Discussion postponed to the user presentation

Overview of 9.4-beta release and perspective of 9.4 release in December
+ See slides
+ slide 7, bullet >>New fast precise neutron cross-section
Note: achieved using interpolation of the G4NDL cross sections.
+ slide 15, Bertini interface to precompound will probably not make it into
the release

Following the presentation, users were asked to comment on the list of
planned supported platforms.
LHCb: would like to see Visual C++ 9.0 still supported
support for Mac OSX 32bit because it has a slightly different compiler
ATLAS, CMS: not present

Users' presentations
+ ALICE: Request for Anti Ion Transport (anti-proton to anti-helium)
+ See slides
Also during the Space Users Workshop dbar support has been requested

+ Requirements on accurate neuron transport and low-energy hadronic physics
+ See slides
- ENDF/G4NDL no alternative to NJOY (no conversion tool)
- Tool involved is based on NJOY. NJOY itself is distributed by RSICC.

+ Refined requirements on PIXE
+ See slides
- To slide 1
> Have used diagrams to create header files, and tested these for compilation
and compatibility tests. The evaluation's conclusions are being prepared.
Results will be reported as soon as available.
- To slide 3
> Completely new scope of the request(s)
- asks to incorporate fixes/improvements without communicating the
shortcomings found in Geant4 models/code;
- adds request for support for old versions of Livermore classes.

+ Next meeting towards the middle of November.

Closing meeting at 17:30.

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