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Minutes of 30 Mar 2010 meeting of Geant4 Technical Forum

Editor: G.Cosmo, 30 Mar 2010

- Starting at 16:40.

Geant4 Relase 9.3 - and 9.2.p03
+ See slides.

Update on Open Requirements
+ #1202, New CHIPS developed; further improvement to FTF.
+ #1504, Improvements in pre-compound and evaporation models improved performance of
binary cascade.
+ #1503, Lists available in 9.3. Proposed to close.
+ #1502, MT prototype to be made available soon.
+ #2501, Requested feedback to users community if full flexibility is required;
EM processes already provides similar capabilities.
+ #2502, Provided since Spring 2009, included in 9.3. Proposed to close.
+ #2503, Included in 9.3. Proposed to close.
+ #0401, Interface to DPMJet II.5 available, ion-ion collisions models requested
for CHIPS and FTF.
+ #0402, Print-out possible, propose to extend this to cross-sections
+ #1302, No Feedback received. Propose to close.
Some more updated for requirements from underground experiments.
Closed: #0702, #1501.

- Further clarification required for #0702; to be discussed offline.

Proposed development plans for 2010
+ See developments plan document enhanced with comments.

- Extensions to the use of Root I/O for object persistency is also expected; it not
put in the plan as it has no real technical implications.

Input from Experiments, Users
+ HARP-CDP feedback: problem in 10GeV for QGSP_BERT, jump in transition region;
similar jump for QGSP_BIC for tantalum cross-sections; smoother behavior for QGSP_EMV
and FTFP_BERT, but still not matching data points.
Suggested also to try out the development version of CHIPS

+ LHCb feedback: need hadronic physics builder with well modeled Kaon interactions.
Should also rationalize arguments in constructors of physics-lists and create an
extended to G4VPhysicsConstructor to allow for setting of arbitrary parameters.
Would be good to have a uniform way for issuing warnings/errors to help detecting

+ PIXE modeling: request to include developed PIXE model in MPI-MPE.
Access to the required code is already available for the purpose of ROSITA.
The request will be investigated but will require some time to see how this can be
achieved, since development is already going on in this area within the Geant4
low-energy working group.

+ CMS: request to transport particles with magnetic and electric charges in
electromagnetic field (monopoles). Full capability to visualize subtracted
solids with shared surfaces.
It is anyhow suggested to avoid performing subtraction operations for solids
sharing surfaces in order to avoid precision issues.

+ Next meeting towards the end of November.

Closing meeting at 18:42.

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