Minutes from 8th Geant4 Technical Forum meeting

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27th Sept 2005

Editors: A. de Roeck, J. Apostolakis

Version 0.3, 5th October 2005, 19:15 CET

Items from the meeting

- PDG codes for new particles are being defined (T. Sjostrand et al.).Mikhail Kossov to circulate this proposal which can be used for discussion. Same codes can be used in G4.

- Particle properties, conforming between Generators and Geant4. Organize a small discussion team to see

o what is realistic to have given that even in the generator world there is no unique solution for everything. Look at the Herwig proposal.

o document use cases and catalog properties which elements of Geant4 own and depend upon, those that can be changed with due care and those which can be changed without any part of Geant4 suffering ill effects.

- 4.7.0 provided an improved treatment for stuck particles. Experiments should check if they observe improvements. In particular CMS should check if the occasional problem with the stuck/lost particles with relatively high energy has been addressed.

- Organize discussion on 601 – “More details in error messages”, LHCb request for additional information in errors. Items to consider: trade-off between reporting and performance, potential information that is relevant.

- The presentation of release validation (statistical) test suite(s) in a next TF would be very useful.

- Make sure LHCb bugzilla reports were treated/answered (unknown material and warning)

- Optimization study for GFLASH: needs input from G4 to study possible

speed up

- G4 Performance group: reactive the meetings and work

- New requirement collected during the meeting

- CLHEP: user should be able to decide which source he/she uses for CLHEP (consistent with the rest of his software) [ NOTE/JA – Context is unclear for this: I recall discussion regarding use of HepMC and decoupling this from the Geant4 kernel. ]


- Gunter is now the contact for CERN experiments for hadronic physics issues.

Next meetings:

- Geant4/Spenvis Space Users Forum, Leuven, October 7th, 2005.

- Bordeaux, November 5th, 2005 as part of Geant4 Conference and Workshop

- CERN and VRVS, early December

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