GEANT4 - Technical User Forum, CERN, 5 February 2004

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5 February 2004, 15:00-17:30 CEST (14:00-16:30 GMT)

Hosted at CERN.

Chair: A. De Roeck

Meeting location: Building 40, Room SS-A01 (Anderson).

You can join the meeting via VRVS in the Sun Virtual Room (in Planets/Universe).

To join, or to obtain a VRVS client, please visit

All talks are available on the agenda system

Agenda, version 2.0, 5 February 2004

Agenda outline

  1. Regular items (15 min)

  2. News from Geant4 collaboration (20 min)
    • Report on progress with previous requirements (M. Asai)

  3. Requirements, requests and issues (45 min)
    1. Requirements from LHCB (G. Corti)
    2. Requirements from CMS (M. Liendl)
    3. Requirements from ATLAS (A. Rimoldi)

  4. Platforms support (15 min)
    • Platforms to support in 2004 (G. Folger)

  5. Discussion of priority in particular areas (45 min) Feedback on priorities from the forum needed
    • geometry (G.Cosmo)
    • hadronic physics (H.P. Wellish)
    • effort on robustness/identifying problems/performance (J. Apostolakis)
Meeting Date