Minutes Technical Forum 17-Jan-2018

Submitted by gunter on Fri, 01/19/2018 - 17:02

Minutes of 17 January 2018 Meeting of the Geant4 Technical Forum
Editor: A. Morsch, 17 January 2018
- Starting at 16:00

General introduction of version 10.4 and prospects
+ see slides for details
+ next release will be end of June 2018 (beta) early December 2018 (final)
+ next TF will be organized March/April 2018 with the 2018 work plan as the main topic

Highlights of version 10.4 - non–physics part
+ see slides
+ clarification of slide 4
  New stepper G4DormandPrince457 is now set as default. It is faster (30% less field
  evaluations) and more accurate then the previous default (G4ClassicalRK4)
+ clarification on slide 8
  ZeroMQ is a message queue service used as new backend for UI command distribution
  for use by interactive notebooks environments

Highlights of version 10.4 – EM physics part
+ see slides
+ slide 8: the possibility to customize EM configuration per detector region is
  available since 10.4 (not 10.3)
+ no plans to provide higher granularity data files for low-energy electromagnetic
  processes since the file is relatively small (4% of the total)

Highlights of version 10.4 – Hadronic physics part
+ see slides

Open requirements
+ see slides
+ New requirements from Wollongong radiation physics user workshop now discussed
  in the Collaboration 
+ Progress on several open requirements from radio-protection and radio-physics.
+ 4301: "Need of correct pion elastic model for T2K" requires feedback from requestor
+ 4003: "Tool to understand difference between any two G4 version" is next to completion
+ 4002: "Reweightable uncertainties for syst. uncertainty evaluation" is in progress
+ 3901: "Complete destructions of G4 objects at exit" is close to completion
+ 4401: "Synchronisation of field related objects" is done
+ 4004: "Treatment of gamma cascades after neutron capture", corrected in patch
  10.2.p01, but now feedback from LUX-ZEPLIN
**** New Requirements

ALICE report
+ see slides 
+ Geant4 used for general purpose productions and considered for upcoming QM2018 special
+ difference to data seen in TOF beta distribution not solved by use of HP option

Validation of VecGeom for CMS simulation
+ see slides

Status and plans for CMS simulation
+ see slides
+ on the long term, to meet the HL LHC challenges, CMS wants to speed up simulation
  by a factor of 10

ATLAS Report
+ see slides
+ slide 10
  Simulation of hadronic interactions of particles with pre-determined decays will
  be facilitated by planned interfacing with EPOS.

CCFE Contributions
+ see slides
+ The proposed contributions to geometry, nuclear data and high performance computing
  are received very positively. 
+ Further discussions are needed to specify the details. John Allison, the Geant4 UK
  contact will get in touch with CCFE.

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