The GEANT4 Workshop will be held from October 29 to 4 November 1997 at SLAC, Stanford, California - USA.

The purpose of this workshop is to provide a platform for in-depth discussions related to the analysis, design and the implementation of the GEANT4 toolkit in its different sub-domains. The main goals of the workshop are:

  • Analysis of the current status/functionality of the software;
  • Analysis of the remaining development to meet the milestones of end '97;
  • Analysis of plans and manpower for the milestones of mid '98;
  • Preliminary discussions on strategy for future GEANT4 maintainance.
The workshop will be organized in the following way:
  • Plenary presentations in the morning to cover the general activity of specific working groups and demos of the functionality achieved on the related topics (code + at least one running program);
  • The afternoons will be fully devoted to working sessions in front of terminals and blackboards covering problems/discussions on details specific to each G4 sub-domain.
Part of the first day will be devoted to a presentation of the program of work and task list for each working session, and to a general introduction on the current status of Geant4 (S.Giani).

Five general domains (associated to the first 5 days of the Workshop), each covering several G4 categories, will be addressed by five groups of collaborators:

  1. Geometry (+ Transportation);
  2. Physics (Electro-Magnetic + Hadronics);
  3. Events + Tracking + Hits;
  4. Visualization + GUI
  5. Run + main() + User-actions.
The last day will be devoted to summaries of the working-group's activities.

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Registration is open to RD44 collaborators and co-workers. You should post the Registration Form to the organizing committee as soon as possible.

Aug 20, 1997 - GC