GEANT4 External Review

CERN, June 18 - 22, 2001

The GEANT4 Collaboration Board is organizing a review of GEANT4 at CERN in June of this year.  A panel dominated by experts who are not part of the GEANT4 Collaboration has been asked to review the software, the physics, and also the software process and management structures.

The GEANT4 collaboration encourages members of the high-energy and nuclear physics communities, and all other communities interested in GEANT4, to provide input to the review committee.  Input may be provided by contacting the Review Chairperson, or by contacting any member of the Review Panel.  

It is expected that many of the presentations to the Review Panel will be open to all.  These presentations will also be broadcast on VRVS.

Schedule for the Review

Review Panel Membership

Uffe Mortensen, European Space Agency, Review Chair
Uffe is Head of the Mathematics and Software Division. He reviewed the cause of the famed Ariane 5 launch failure.

Patricia McBride, Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
001 630 840 8071
Patty is a physicist who heads the Fermilab Physics Analysis Tools department. She is also a member of the KTeV/BTeV Collaboration. Patty is actively considering whether Fermilab should join the GEANT4 Collaboration.

Marjorie Shapiro, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
001 510 486 4683
Marjorie is a physicist involved in the CDF Experiment at Fermilab. She is Project Manager for CDF Offline Computing. CDF is a major experiment that does not use GEANT4.

Ralf Gerhards, DESY, Hamburg
0049 40 8998 3858
Ralf has responsibilities in the offline system for the H1 experiment and is also involved in studies of the software trigger for the proposed Tesla detector.

Hideo Hirayama, KEK (the Japanese National HEP Accelerator Facility)
0081 298 64 5493
Hideo Hirayama works in the Radiation Science Center at KEK. Hideo has been heavily involved in the development of EGS, for many years regarded as the gold standard in electromagnetic shower simulation.

Charles C. Young, Stanford Linear Accelerator Center
001 650 926 2669
Charlie Young is a member of the GEANT4 Collaboration board. He is a physicist and was recently Computing Coordinator for SLAC's BaBar experiment (BaBar is using GEANT4).
Charlie will act as a full member of the review panel.

John Apostolakis, CERN, GEANT4 Technical Steering Board Chairman and Spokesperson of the Collaboration.
John will be "in attendance".  This means that the panel may ask him to withdraw for some of their discussions.

Richard Mount, SLAC, Chairperson of the GEANT4 Collaboration Board.
Richard will also be "in attendance".