2020 Work Plan

Documentation 2020 Work Plan

The 2020 Work Plan is divided into four categories, with responsible members and approximate deadlines (end of calendar-year quarters) listed.

  1. Documentation Structure
  2. Documentation Content
  3. Web Site Content
  4. Videos

Last updated: 26 February 2020

Documentation Structure


Task Responsible Due
Periodic Release of Documents Alex Throughout 2019
CI publication of development documents for internal checking Alex 2Q
General review of documentation (especially with respect to language and completeness) Alex 4Q
Explore cross-referencing between guides Ben, Alex 1Q
Release of epub and mobi versions of the documents Anna, Alex 1Q

Documentation Content

Task Responsible Due
Automatic documentation generation of Physics Lists Daren, Alex, Vladimir 4Q
Continued Update of INCL++ documentation D. Mancusi 4Q
Maintenance of the geometry/persistency chapters in the manuals G. Cosmo 4Q
building/installing Doxygen documentation for the examples as part of main build process (nightlies), B. Morgan 4Q
Continued improvements to the documentation of hadronic physics A. Ribon 4Q
Basic and extended Examples Documentation Ivana 4Q
biasing documentation and FAQ M. Verderi 4Q
support documentation for EM physics V. Ivantchenko 4Q
Maintain and update documentation for hadronic models – low energy neutrons, G4ENDL, particle_hp, QMD Pedro Arce 4Q
Provide close review of release notes, installation guides and our overall face that we show to our less expert users with eye towards helping these users understand how to get up and running and stay up and running TBD 4Q
documentation and formatting, and debugging – Radioactive Decay and SuperHeavy Isotopes Luis Sarmiento (Pico) 4Q
multiple scattering, bremsstrahlung, pair production Mihaly Novak 4Q
review and update the optical boundary process documentation Daren Sawkey 4Q

Web Site Content

Task Responsible Due
web presence: host the generated Doxygen on the website B. Morgan 4Q
vis documentation J. Allison 4Q


Task Responsible Due
Tutorial on how to make and post a video. Adding all our videos on geant4 website L. Garnier 4Q
Introduce central repository for video information and tutorial content - demonstrations, tutorials, publicity. Consider creating our own youtube, vimeo, whatever page. Laurent, Marc, Alex, Gunter 2Q