fastAerosol Advanced Example


This example demonstrates a custom geometry class for accurately and efficiently simulating aerosols with many droplets. Using the provided classes, it is possible to simulate clouds containing billions of randomly-positioned solid or liquid droplets in GEANT4. The class supports arbitrary droplet shape, arbitrary cloud shape, and allows a user-defined distribution function for droplet number density.

The example shoots a beam of protons through a rectangular section of atmospheric rain cloud, and measures the energy absorbed by a detector. It includes code to allow measurement of CPU time and memory requirements as compared to two alternative approaches to modeling the geometry of an aerosol in GEANT4. The example can be execute in multithreaded mode.


The fastAerosol example is maintained and upgraded by Ara Knaian of NK Labs, LLC, e-mail:

fastAerosol was developed by Ara Knaian and Nate MacFadden.

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