Physics Lists and Validation tools: Workplan 2021

Ongoing activities

  • Physics Lists
    • Documentation of physics lists(~All)
    • Maintain physics constructors and physics lists, including support (~All)
  • Physics List Validation Using Beam Simulation (Kihyeon, Soonwook)
  • Validation tools
    • Support for changing of model parameters (Hans, Julia, Krzysztof, Robert)
  • geant-val:
    • Release, candidate and reference tag testing for physics performance on Grid (Alberto, Dmitri, Witold)
    • maintenance & further developments  (Dmitri, Grigory)

Development Items

  • Physics Lists
    • Recommendation / Documentation of physics lists for specific use cases ( ~ All)
    • Documentation of physics lists examples ( Alex, in collaboration with documentation wg.)
    • Allow to vary cross sections and models for systematic studies (Vladimir) - added Sept '20
    • Review of physics lists code
    • produce graphs showing overlap of models (currently done by hand), very useful as a simple graph for new users (missing MP)
    • Introduce hypernuclei treatment for EM and hadronic physics in physics list (Vladimir
  • Validation tools
    • geant-val
    • migration of the Validation Database (VDB aka DoSSiER) data to a to be determined database (Hans)