Work Plan for 2022

Novice & Extended Examples
Working Group

Work Plan for 2022 (Draft)

Version 1.1


  • New examples:
    • Biasing: DXTRAN (MCNP-like option), occurrence interaction of charged particles
    • Hadronic: example for monitoring particle fluences
    • Parameterisation: gflash example for sampling calorimeter (all existing examples show usage in homogeneous media)
    • Polarisation: new Pol02 example
    • RunAndEvent: example for sub-event parallelism
    • Medical/dna examples:
      • molecularDNA: validation and development with protons and He4 ions
      • example for the RBE/LET calculation
      • example for microdosimetry: calculation of microdosimetry spectra in a cylindrical  domain at the specific water depth imitating silicon detector ( in the existing example there is randomly placed spherical volume)
      • example for radio-biology
      • example for ultra-high dose rate
  • Existing examples improvements:
    • Biasing: Resolve the overlap in biasing B02/B03 and GB03 examples which implement the same use case.
    • Electromagnetic & Hadronic: updating selected examples with usage of G4Accumulable.
    • Errorpropagation: Porting Geant4e to MT.
    • Medical: Extend the DICOM reader with the RT Dose format.
    • Medical/dna:
      • Try to include new cross-sections for gas materials in the already existing icsd example
      • Add the possibility to use the SBS method in the medical/dna/scavenger example.
      • DNA damage in plasmids with IRT
  • Code review:
    • Continue with the macros and tests review: make sure that provided macros cover all commands implemented in example and the cdash test covers all important example use cases.
  • Coding guidelines:
    • Review the status and update the table on the Wiki page.
    • Finish the examples not yet completed (dicomReader)

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