2022 Visualisation workplan

OpenGL drivers:

  • Migration to Qt6 (1)
  • Adapt to newer OpenGL versions, exploit new functionalities and replace deprecated calls such as glBegin/glEnd - (2)/(*)
  • Improvements to toolbar in OpenGL Qt - (1)
  • Improvements on sceneTree
  • Fix issue with parametrized volumes

Vtk driver

  • Fully develop for medical applications (large renderings)

Other drivers:

  • Open Inventor: Refinements and extensions to the Open Inventor Qt Viewer (1/2).
  • Work on reference path to move thru the geometry
  • Improve the use/install Coin library
  • Interaction OI viewer / UI Qt
  • iOS and Android Devices: Develop visualization solutions for these devices (*)
  • Improvements to native Qt driver (Qt3D) (*)
  • tools_sg (TSG) driver based on g4tools (*) (under development; offers rendering on native systems such as Apple/Metal)
  • Provide 2min videos for each viewer  (2)