Public minutes of 130th SB meeting on September 30th, 2022

Submitted by ribon on Tue, 11/01/2022 - 18:30

Present: Alex Howard, Alberto Ribon, Susanna Guatelli, Witek Pokorski, Soon Yung Jun, Gunter Folger, John Apostolakis, Gabriele Cosmo, Daren Sawkey, Ivana Hrivnacova, Mihaly Novak, Luciano Pandola, Ben Morgan, Laurent Garnier, Vladimir Ivantchenko

1. Feed-back on the Collaboration Week

The annual Geant4 Collaboration week took place at Rennes, 26th - 30th of September 2022, with an in person format (after two virtual editions). In addition to the regular program covering the software development status and plans for the next release, time was devoted to discussions on the Collaboration evolution, with focus on addressing the issue of transfer of knowledge between generations of developers and on better implication of younger developers in the collaboration operations. 

Many suggestions have been made during that week and were discussed in the Steering Board. Several proposals were approved, like the creation of an early-career member committee with representative at the Steering Board meetings. A new Task Force will be implemented to make recommendations on the other proposals.

2. New web site

It has been agreed to switch to the new site shortly, giving that there are no major pending problems.

The web site has been largely revised in its content, with a change of technology (from Drupal to Jekyll). It is not excluded that alternative technologies (e.g. Hugo) will be adopted in a medium future, such transition being likely less demanding than the current one.


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