Version 1.0

  • Geometry Biasing with Importance:
    • Comparison between generic and importance biasing
    • Fix in bounds bug in importance biasing and testing/respecting MT thread scaling

  • Reverse Monte Carlo:
    • Consolidation of the Reverse Monte Carlo : test and improvement of the reverse MC model

  • Generic Biasing:
    • Continue enriching event biasing options:
      • Leading particle (alternative to existing one in HAD)
      • DXTRAN-like biasing
      • Implicit capture
    • Extend generic biasing scheme for at rest case
    • Statistical test suite to verify correctness of biasing wrt to analog
    • Feasibility studies and prototyping
      • Biasing of charged particles, with cross-section changing over the step
      • Use of occurence biasing to allow continuous density change inside a same volume
      • Material/isotope biasing
      • Woodcock tracking
      • Discuss interest of sharing same limiters (scoring, biasing, fast. sim., etc.) for parallel geometries

  • Fast Simulation:
    • Improve usability enriching physics list constructor of fast simulation
    • Improve testing with statistical tests

  • Materials:
    • Maintenance of material classes
    • Use newest data for atomic shells and extension to very heavy elements

Updated: 1st February 2017