Version 1.0

  • Biasing
    • Enrich event biasing options
      • Review and unify existing biasing options
    • Systematic documents
      • Refresh existing documentation
      • Explicit or complete mathematical computations
      • Provide references
    • Minimal tools for statistics
      • Provide minimal statistics tools to monitor the validity of the simulation results
    • Process-based biasing
      • Prototype for (multi-)differential cross-section functionality
      • Also related to reverse MC

  • Reverse MC
    • Maintenance
    • Prototype for (multi-)differential cross-section functionality (as above)

  • Materials
    • As documented in section "2) Material category development" of EM group work plan
      • Introduce "base material" approach as a first step to variable density approach
      • Adding extra data on molecule levels
      • Review and upgrade of G4SandiaTable
      • Redesign the G4MaterialPropertyVector class interfaces for G4Scintillation and optical processes to employ spline interpolation to empirical input
    • Re-analysis of SystemOfUnits
      • Investigation at this point

  • Generic processes
    • Finalize review for parallel geometries

Updated: 21st February 2011