Extended Examples


  • TestEm0 (M. Maire)
    - how to print cross-sections and stopping power used in input by the standard EM package

  • TestEm1 (M. Maire)
    - how to count processes, activate/inactivate them and survey the range of charged particles. How to define a maximum step size

  • TestEm2 (M. Maire)
    - shower development in an homogeneous material : longitudinal and lateral profiles

  • TestEm3 (M. Maire)
    - shower development in a sampling calorimeter : collect energy deposited, survey energy flow and print stopping power

  • TestEm4 (M. Maire)
    - 9 MeV point like photon source: plot spectrum of energy deposited in a single media

  • TestEm5 (L. Urban)
    - how to study transmission, absorption and reflection of particles through a single, thin or thick, layer.

  • TestEm6 (H. Burkhardt)
    - physics list for rare, high energy, electromagnetic processes: gamma conversion and e+ annihilation into pair of muons

  • TestEm7 (M. Maire)
    - how to produce a Bragg curve in water phantom. How to compute dose in tallies

  • TestEm8 (V. Grichine)
    - test of photo-absorption-ionisation model in thin absorbers, and transition radiation

  • TestEm9 (V. Ivanchenko)
    - shower development in a crystal calorimeter; cut-per-region

  • TestEm10 (V. Grichine)
    - XTR transition radiation model, investigation of ionisation in thin absorbers

  • TestEm11 (M. Maire)
    - how to plot a depth dose profile in a rectangular box

  • TestEm12 (M. Maire)
    - how to plot a depth dose profile in spherical geometry : point like source

  • TestEm13 (M. Maire)
    - how to compute cross sections of EM processes from rate of transmission coefficient

  • TestEm14 (M. Maire)
    - how to compute cross sections of EM processes from direct evaluation of the mean-free path. How to plot final state

  • TestEm15 (M. Maire)
    - compute and plot final state of Multiple Scattering as an isolated process

  • TestEm16 (H. Burkhardt)
    - simulation of synchrotron radiation

  • TestEm17 (A. Bogdanov)
    - check the cross sections of high energy muon processes

  • TestEm18 (M. Maire)
    - energy loss verification


  • monopole (V. Ivanchenko)
    - simulation of classical magnetic monopole transportation in a target


  • GammaTherapy (V. Ivanchenko)
    - gamma radiation field formation in water phantom by electron beam hitting different targets

  • FanoCavity (S. Elles)
    - radioactive dose deposition inside cavity from gamma beam (Fano theorem)

  • FanoCavity2 (S. Elles)
    - radioactive dose deposition inside cavity from electron beam (Fano theorem)


  • OpNovice (P. Gumplinger)
    Novice example - optical photons in general

  • LXe (P. Gumplinger)
    - optical photons in a liquid xenon scintillator


  • Pol01 (A. Schaelicke)
    - example of QED processes including polarization