Workplan 2017

Items for 2017

Ongoing activities

  • Documentation of physics lists(~All)
  • Release, candidate and reference tag testing for physics performance on Grid (Alberto, Dmitri, Witold)
  • Maintain physics list level test and monitor model performance (Julia)
  • Physics Validation and Grid, including support of supercomputer and its users (Kihyeon, Soonwook)
  • Maintain physics contructors and physics lists (Alberto, Vladimir, Mathieu, Tatsumi, Davide, Luciano, put your name please)
  • Maintain and further develop validations for SATIF and releated fields (Tatsumi)
  • Collecting and evaluate experimental datasets (Hans, Julia, Krzysztof, Robert)
  • Support for changing of model parameters (Hans, Julia, Krzysztof, Robert)

Development Items

  • Physics Lists
    • Support and documentation for CERN experiments(Alberto)
    • Intensity frontier phyics lists documentation(Krysztof, Robert, Hans, Julia)
    • Study composition and monitor physics lists with focus to intersity frontier experiments
      • initial hadron production for beamline experiments
      • detector response for beamline applications for interactions induced by the beam and by background
    • Define MT cleanup strategy for builders and physics processes in MT mode (Andrea)
    • Evaluate possibility to eliminate template mechanism in physics lists, implement if possible. (Gunter)
    • Physics lists factories
      • Evaulate the merging existing factory G4GenericPhysicsList and new G4alt::G4PhysListFactory (Robert H.)
      • Evaluate to replace G4PhysListFactory with new G4alt::G4PhysListFactory (Andrea, Gunter)
      • Complete standalone PLFactory tests in test38 - (Robert H.)
  • Documentation
    • produce graphs showing overlap of models (currently done by hand), very useful as a simple graph for new users (Andrea)
    • complete automated physics list documentation (Dennis, Gunter)
    • integrate generated documentation in web documentation(Alex, Dennis, Gunter)
    • consolidate web-based documentation (Julia, Gunter, Alex)
  • Complete set-up for regression testing for main physics models with upload of results to Database (Andrea, Hans, Julia)
    • Create set-up to run regression testing at process level at KISTI (Andrea, with help from KISTI)
  • Validation Database and web application
    • Further develop and maintain validation DB DoSSiER (Hans with feedback from collaboration or users)
      • create new or update automated upload tools (Hans)
      • enable SSO authentication ( Hans & Witold)
      • evolve/improve schema (Hans, Dmitri)
      • allow for data exchange between databases at FNAL and CERN (Hans, Dmitri, Andrea)
    • maintain DoSSiER phton interface
    • upload monthly grid results to DoSSiER (Dmitri, Witold)
    • extend set of experimental data used in validation (all...)
  • Artg4tk framework to study experimental observables
    • develop and maintain artg4tk to study experimental observables (Hans)
    • Use a modified artg4tk to study the parameters of the bertini cascade (Julia).
  • Validation
    • develop and maintain test23, a physics list level test (Julia)
    • Bring to a "production-quality state" the ProcessTest application(Andrea)
    • Create a testing system to complete grid validation with non-calorimetric system(Andrea)
    • Evaluation of public cloud resources for Geant4 needs(Andrea)
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