Workplan 2017

Work Plan for 2017

Ongoing regular activities

  • Oversee testing shifts (Gunter)
  • Release management and Q/A monitoring with Valgrind and Coverity (Gabriele)
  • Perform regular profiling benchmarking of G4 development and public releases (Soon, Krzysztof, Andrea)
  • Grid testing, Reproducibility tests (Alberto, Dmitri)

Support, Maintenance and Developments

  • System testing shifts
    • Maintain and support integration testing (Gunter)
  • Release testing
    • General testing/debugging of problems showing up especially during the release periods or development releases (Gabriele)
    • Q/A monitoring with Valgrind and Coverity(Gabriele)
    • Grid testing with simplified calorimeters: running, maintaining, migration (Dmitri, Alberto)
    • Reproducibility tests (Alberto)
    • Deploying of latest Dirac server for Grid validation(Dmitri)
    • Developing a new grid validation web interface and integrating Geant4 tests into this system(Dmitri)
  • Performance profiling and benchmarking
    • Regular profiling/benchmarking of Geant4 development and public releases, maintenance and evolution of the profiling infrastructure in response to the changing computing environment (Soon,Krzysztof, Daniel)
    • Finishing the migration from the FAST profiler to Open|SpeedShop(Soon, Krzysztof, Daniel)
    • Adding new IF related application(s) (Soon,Krzysztof,Daniel)
    • Consulting on the use of performance tools and interpretation of the results as well as evaluating the performance gain of various code improvements/ideas (Canal)
  • Carry over from 2016 on the ARM inclusion in CDash (Andrea)
  • Low energy physics profiling using Brachytherapy code (Kiheyon)
  • Continue to encourage the collaboration to provide more tests and more rigorous tests (All)

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