Workplan 2015

Work Plan for 2015

Ongoing regular activities

  • Oversee testing shifts (Gunter)
  • Release management and QA testing (Gabriele,Alberto)
  • Perform regular profiling benchmarking of G4 development and public releases (Soon, Krzysztof)


  • System testing shifts
    • Support and improvements for integration testing (Gunter)
  • Release testing
    • Q/A monitoring with Valgrind and Coverity (Gabriele)
    • General testing/debugging of problems during the release periods or development releases (Gabriele)
    • Reproducibility tests (Alberto)
  • Performance profiling and benchmarking (Soon,Krzysztof)
    • Regular profiling/benchmarking of Geant4 development and public releases
    • Extending CPU performance measurements to different computer architectures and programming models
    • Improving automation of CPU performance measurements using benchmarking suites
    • Evaluation of new performance measurements tools, especially those suitable for the multithreaded applications
    • Replacement of FAST
    • Studies, including code reviews, to improve and measure Geant4 computing performance
  • Benchmark Geant4/MT applications on Intel Xeon/Phi(MIC) (Andrea,Soon)
    • Evaluate G4 performance for MT on different architectures(Andrea)
    • Measure memory consumption in MT and identify strategies for memory consumption reduction in MT(Andrea)
    • Consolidate Testing infrastructure on Xeon Phi at SLAC (Andrea)
  • Performance test for HPC (supercom, parallel processing) (Kiheyon,Jangho)
  • Continue to encourage the collaboration to provide more tests and more rigorous tests (All)

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