Workplan 2009

Work Plan for 2009 - Draft

Ongoing activities

  1. Regular testing new tags: Selections of tags to test, checking results, informing developers (Gunter)
  2. Release testing using valgrind (Gabriele)
  3. Release testing for physics performance on Grid ( Alberto, *)


  1. testing based on SPI-nightly build and test system (Q1)
  • Complete or correct setup for new systems (Mac, Windows, SLC5)
  • Improve presentation of results
  • Add missing information on configuration to log files, i.e. set tags tested.
  • Add possibility to build and test multiple configurations (Q1 / Q2)
    • Enable large-N runs
    • enable testing for patch release (Q1)
  • Study possibility to automatically generate traceback in case of crash
  • Automation of CPU performance measurements based on benchmarks suite to monthly development releases (*)

  • Note: Work items marked with (*) are lacking manpower. cvs version info: $Id: 2009.shtml,v 1.4 2009/01/27 09:23:50 gunter Exp $