Work Plan for 2017

Version 1.0

  • New examples:
    • New physics_list category:
      create a new examples category showing how to create or use a physics list (no details on physics, only the technical aspects). First example: Hadr05 (G4GenericPhysicsList) (1,2)
    • Biasing category: example illustrating the development(s) in generic biasing: "DXTRAN" MCNP-like option and implicit capture (1,2)
    • Medical/dna category: example neuron demonstrating modeling of neuron cell irradiation (1,2)
    • Hadronic category: example Activation demonstrating computation of the activities of an irradiated target, as a function of time. (1,2)
    • Example demonstrating monitoring of steps/tracks, etc (in collaboration with Q&A WG) (1,2)

  • Existing examples improvements:
    • Biasing category: Resolve the overlap in biasing B02/B03 and GB03 examples which implement the same use case. (1,2)
    • Electromagnetic & Hadronic categories: updating selected examples with usage of G4Accumulable (1,2)
    • errorpropagation category: Porting Geant4e to MT (1,2)
    • Medical category: Extend the DICOM reader with the RT Dose format (1,2)
    • Medical/dna category: Finalization of dna/microyz (1,2)

  • Code review:
    • Review examples macros and tests: make sure that provided macros cover all commands implemented in example and the cdash test covers all important example use cases (1,2)
    • Update Wiki page with obsolete features (1)
    • Remove the obsolete features from the code using the agreed replacement (1,2)

  • Finish applying coding guidelines:
    • Review the status and update the table on the Wiki page (1)
    • Finish the examples not yet completed (1,2)

(1) First semester
(2) Second semester

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refer to WG core developers.
refer to WG members, example owners

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