Progress and news regarding Issues from 1st proto-Technical ForumMeeting

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J. Apostolakis, 7 October 2003,

Draft 1.1

The first proto-Technical Forum was held at TRIUMF on September 5th, 2003.

Draft minutes are posted at URL

This presentation covers updates and status on those issues the first Forum.

Req.0101 Access to the Track properties before the processes

Requester : G.Santin (ESA/ESTEC)

Responsible G4 contact person: H.Kurashige

The solution proposed to address the current requirements is to add a new user hook in the hadronic processes to enable the user to inspect the final state for hadronic processes. A first estimate of the schedule for this development is the first quarter of 2004 (ie by end-March 2004).

Req.0102 Development of X-ray surface processes

Requester and developer: G.Santin (ESA/ESTEC)

Responsible G4 contact person: P.Gumplinger

Peter will remain in contact with Giovanni Santin for assisting in this


Req.0103 Geometry construction: input from external models

Requester: G.Santin (ESA/ESTEC)

Responsible G4 contact person : G.Cosmo

The majority of proposed developments require significant resources. Further action is on hold until a relative priority and estimated effort required can be established, in collaboration with the users & proposers.

Req.0104 Ensure that events are reproducible between debug and optimized modes

Requester : F.Ranjard (CERN/LHCb)

Responsible G4 contact : J.Apostolakis

This requirement appears very hard to fulfill.

A recommendation has been made to utilise an alternative compilation with debug and optimisation enabled, in order to investigate problems arising from the differences between debug and optimised versions.

Req.0105 Handle unexpected conditions more robustly

Requester : F.Ranjard (CERN/LHCb)

Responsible G4 contact : J.Apostolakis

This was not discussed at the 1st meeting. It can be addressed here/now in detail.

Req.0106 Setup statistical test suite for most sensitive physics quantities

Requester : R.Debois (SLAC/GLAST),

Responsible G4 contact : J.Apostolakis

We are estimating the effort required to obtain and maintain a limited statistical suite for key use case and physical processes. We are particularly interested in benefiting from existing comparisons and suites. A progress report will be made at the next Technical Forum meeting.

We point out, though, that the validation of the utility of Geant4 for a particular use case will remain the user's and user community's responsibility.

Req.0107 Installation kit which contains all packages

Requester : B.Arjomandy (Loma Linda University Medical Center)

Responsible G4 developer : G.Cosmo / G.Folger

This is under study

Req.0108 Creation of user group / discussion forum in medical field in particular in dosimetry

Requester : E.Brauer-Krisch (PSI),

Responsible G4 developer : M.G.Pia

We propose to create a new area in the User Forum.

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