System testing of Geant4 Electromagnetic packages mainly based on Geant4 novice and extended electromagnetic examples. Additionally standard electromagnetic physics is tested indirectly in many other nightly tests. The list of dedicated tests for standard electromagnetic physics is shown below.

Basic examples

Test Responsible Coverage Purpose
B1IH gamma 6 MeV, protons 200 MeV in G4_WATER energy deposition
B2IH 200 MeV e+, 1 TeV mu+ Tracking devide
B3IH F18 beta+ radioactive decays inside Lu2SiO5 Positron Emitted Tomography system
B4IH 300 MeV e+, 500 MeV gamma simple Sampling Calorimeter setup

Extended examples

Test Responsible Coverage Purpose
electromagnetic/TestEm0MM no real tracking, Opt0 PhysicsList demonstration of G4EmCalculator
electromagnetic/TestEm1VI 100 MeV e- in Al, Opt0 PhysicsList Ranges of charge particles, activation/deactivation of processes
electromagnetic/TestEm2VI 5 GeV e- in G4_PbWO4, Opt0 PhysicsList EM shower profile, acceptance test
electromagnetic/TestEm3MM 1 GeV e- in Pb/lAr, Opt0 PhysicsList Sampling calorimeter, secondary particle biasing
electromagnetic/TestEm4MM 9 MeV gamma in FluorCarbonate, Opt0 PhysicsList Gamma processes
electromagnetic/TestEm5MM pi+ 5 GeV in Si, 15.6 MeV e- in Au, 96.2 MeV mu+ in CH2, 175 GeV proton in Al, 100 GeV mu+ in Fe, Opt3 PhysicsList Scatering, reflection, transmission
electromagnetic/TestEm6VI 100 TeV gamma, 1 TeV e+, 1 GeV p_bar in Fe, Opt0 PhysicsList + high energy processes High energy muon and hadron production, anti_proton ionisation
electromagnetic/TestEm7VI 160 MeV protons, 3.5 GeV C12 ion, 100 MeV kaon+, 0.265 MeV alpha, 100 MeV alpha in G4_WATER, in Water_1,05 and in Cu, Opt0 PhysicsList Bragg peak of hadrons/ions
electromagnetic/TestEm8VG 200 GeV protons in XeCH4C3H8, Opt0 PhysicsList + PAI model Gaseous detectors, PAI model, electron/ion pair sampling
electromagnetic/TestEm9VI 1 GeV e-, 20 GeV mu- in G4_CESIUM_IODIDE, Opt1 PhysicsList Crystal calorimeter with vertex detector and muon detector, cut per region, acceptance test
electromagnetic/TestEm10VG 2 GeV e- in Xe15CO2, Opt0 PhysicsList Transition radiation models
electromagnetic/TestEm11MM 0.5 MeV e- in G4_Si, Local PhysicsList Dose deposition profile
electromagnetic/TestEm12MM 4 MeV e- in G4_WATER, Local PhysicsList Dose point kernel
electromagnetic/TestEm13MM 100 keV gamma, 100 MeV e- in H2O, Opt0 PhysicsList Cross section computation via transmission
electromagnetic/TestEm14MM 100 keV gamma, 100 MeV e- in H2O, Opt0 PhysicsList Cross section from mean free path, scoring secodaries
electromagnetic/TestEm15MM 100 keV e-, 5 MeV e-, Local PhysicsList Multiple scattering study
electromagnetic/TestEm16HB 10 GeV e- in 1 tesla magnetic field, Opt0 PhysicsList Synchrotron radiation
electromagnetic/TestEm17AB 10 TeV mu+, pi+, protons in Fe, Opt0 PhysicsList muon/hadron bremsstrahlung and e+e- pair production
electromagnetic/TestEm18MM 10 meV e- in H2O, Local PhysicsList Energy loss study
exoticphysics/monopoleVI 100 GeV classical monopele with mass 100 GeV in G4_Si, Opt0 PhysicsList + monopole physics Magnetic monopole trasport in media
medical/electronScatteringMM 13 and 20 meV e- of variaous targets Electron scattering benchmark with standard scoring
medical/electronScattering2JP 13 and 20 meV e- of variaous targets Electron scattering benchmark with primitive scorers
medical/fanoCavityMM 1 MeV gamma in water with cavity, Opt3 PhysicsList Check on Fano theorem for gamma beam
medical/fanoCavity2MM 1 MeV e- in water with cavity, Opt3 PhysicsList Check on Fano theorem for e- beam
medical/gammaTherapyVI 50 MeV e- in BeW target, Opt0 PhysicsList Gamma therapy application
optical/lxePG 511 keV gamma in liquid scintillator optical photons creation in liquid Xe
optical/wlsPG 2 - 3,47 eV optical photons in PMMA propagation of photons inside a Wave Length Shifting fiber
polarisation/pol01AS 10 Mev circular polarised gamma in polarised Fe target Transport of circular polarized beam

Novice examples

Test Responsible Coverage Purpose
N02JA 200 MeV and 1 TeV e+ and mu+ Tracking device
N03MM 300 MeV e+ in Pb/lAr Sampling calorimeter
N04MA 100 GeV mu+ Muon and central detectors
N06PG 500 keV e+ Optical photons


Test Responsible Coverage Purpose
test09VI 500 MeV gamma in Al, 500 MeV e- in Air Basic e.m. processes, Polarised Compton, new photelectric effect, synchrotron radiation
test10PG all basic CSG optical photons to test csg/specific solids
test31VI 1 GeV e-, mu-, pi+, protons in Silicon stopping powers and energy loss for EM physics
test36VG 2 GeV e- in rXe15CO2 Transition radiation
test37VI 0.5 MeV e- in Aluminum Electron transport
test40VI 1 GeV e- in Aluminum EM shower
test44VI 100 MeV/u protons, alpha, C12 ions Bragg peak
test58VI 1 GeV/u Fe ions in Silicon Single scattering of ions

List of responsible persons

  • JA - John Apostolakis
  • MA - Makoto Asai
  • AB - Aleksei Bogdanov
  • HB - Helmut Burkhardt
  • VG - Vladimir Grichine
  • PG - Peter Gumplinger
  • IH - Ivana Hrivnakova
  • VI - Vladimir Ivanchenko
  • MM - Michel Maire
  • AS - Andreas Schaelicke