Work items for 2001

  • Navigator and Volumes
    • reference counted touchables
    • replica navigation
  • Magnetic Field
    • handling magnetic-field per volume
    • general consolidation and stability: energy in electromagnetic field
    • improve unit tests
  • CSG solids
    • reflection of solids (G4ReflectedSolid)
    • general consolidation (CalculateExtent, testing)
    • code review
  • STEP and BREPS
    • BREPS code review and testing
    • STEPinterface module: class-1 descriptors, association-relationship entities
    • STEP: evaluate alternatives to NIST STEP Reader
  • Full migration to STL
  • Software Process Improvement
    • Review of use-cases and requirements
      Generate detailed URD for geometry domain. Estimated time: 1 month
    • Update existing design diagrams
      From existing MDL files: review new developments and design changes, convert to UML notation, generate new diagrams to update web documents and User's Guide. Estimated time: 1 month
    • Enforce adoption of processes for traceability. Estimated time: 1 month
      • Generate map of unit tests classes/functionalities use cases
      • Generate map of system tests use cases
      • Adoption of History logging, CVS logs, regular tagging by distinguishing bug-fix activities from new development, start from design documents when new developments or interface changes are introduced
    • Geometry group's web page
      Create group's web page to keep track of activities and post any useful information. Estimated time: 1 week