Work items for 2003


Dates assigned to items are to be considered just indicative.
Items marked with refer to new developments.
Items marked with will involve contribution from external sources interested in the project.
Items marked with will require coordination with more than one Working Group.

  1. Solids and volumes:
    • Twisted trapezoid shape
      by November 30th, 2003
    • Reflection of parameterised volumes and reflection-factory enhancement
      by October 31st, 2003
    • Divisions [design and implementation]
      by May 31st, 2003
    • Handling of specific overlapping support structures
      (limited MANY functionality) [feasibility study]
      by July 31st, 2003
    • Redesign of G4Sphere and testing on tolerances for spherical/cylindrical surfaces
      by September 30th, 2003
    • Enhancements to tools for detection of overlapping volumes
      by May 31st, 2003 (UI commands)
      by November 30th, 2003 (OLAP tool)
    • BREPS testing: specific shapes and advanced constructs
  2. Biasing:
    • Weight-window biasing
      by June 30th, 2003 (weight roulette)
      by October 31st, 2003 (weight window)
    • Advanced example for importance biasing
      by May 31st, 2003
  3. Tallies:
    • Analysis and design iteration
      by October 31st, 2003
  4. Navigation & Transportation:
    • Abstract navigator and transportation [design and prototype implementation]
      by October 31st, 2003
  5. Magnetic field & propagation:
    • Redesign of propagation in field
      by October 31st, 2003
    • Use of safety in G4PropagatorInField and G4ChordFinder
      by May 31st, 2003
    • Tests and enhancement of performance for propagation in field
      by October 31st, 2003
    • Visualization of field's lines
      by November 30th, 2003
  6. General code review and improvements:
    • Code cleanup for code duplication and headers inclusions
      by November 30th, 2003
    • Enhancements in automatic detection of illegal geometry constructions
      by May 31st, 2003
  7. URD revision:
    • Completion of detailed URD document
      by September 30th, 2003
  • Routine activities
    • Testing suite for solids (CSG/specific/Boolean/BREPS)
      Extend SBT/Fred to all solids, possible improvement in the area of graphics/GUI
    • Improve testing and documentation
  • Software Process Improvement
    • Traceability:
      • Generate map of unit tests classes/functionalities use cases
      • Generate map of system tests use cases

25 March 2003, GC