Physics Validation And Verification

Geant4 offers modeling options, data- or theory-driven, for electromagnetic and hadronic physics process, with different accuracy, computing requirements, strengths and weaknesses in describing particular physics aspects.
For details of the physics models available in Geant4, please follow the links in the column on righthand side.
Of the theory-driven models, this document currently contains results on the following:
  • Chiral Invariant Phase space (CHIPS) model for stopped particles and low energy gammas (up to 151MeV)
  • Precompound model for low energy protons (25-100MeV)
  • Bertini and Binary cascade models for particles at energies below 10GeV
  • Quark Gluon String (QGS) model for particles at energy above 20GeV
Of the data-driven models, results are currently available for:
  • High Precision Neutron model for low energy neutrons (20MeV)
Of the parametrization-driven models, we offer results for:
  • Low Energy Parametrized (LEP) model for 730MeV protons
  • High Energy Parametrized (HEP) models for high energy protons (67GeV, 400GeV)