Public Minutes of 133rd Steering Board, 28th June 2023

Present: Marc Verderi, Alberto Ribon, Gabriele Cosmo, Ben Morgan, Soon Yung Jun, Gunter Folger, Makoto Asai, Dennis Wright, Lorenzo Pezzotti, Mihaly Novak, Vladimir Ivanchenko, Daren Sawkey, Alex Howard, Witek Pokorski, Shogo Okada, Koichi Murakami, John Apostolakis, Marilena Bandieramonte, Ivana Hrivnacova (number: 19)

Excused: Dmitri Konstantinov

1. Situation with respect to international difficulties

  • Nothing to report.

2. Regular items

  • The regular items - user requirements, on-going SB action, bug reports, new publications, CPU and physics performances - where reviewed.

3. Status of the 11.2.beta release

  • Everything is going well, and the release is scheduled for June 30th.

4. Collaboration Meeting in Hokkaido (Japan) on 25-29 September 2023

  • Preparation is on-going, including for a medical tutorial run in parallel.

5. Improved handling of “Users requirements”

  • A discussion was held on how to improve the collection of users requirements through various sources (Technical Forum, Collaboration Meetings, Discourse forum, workshops, etc.). A new activity inside the Software Management working group was retained as the solution.

    The requests will be validated as before (by inquiring the requester, and the proper Working Group representatives), maintained in JIRA, and reported regularly at the Technical Forum meetings. JIRA will be augmented too to document also invalid and duplicated requests, so that reference to these will be possible.

6. R&D Task Force assessment of the GPU projects

  • This assessment will likely happen in the second half of November, in mixed mode (i.e. both in presence, likely at CERN, and remote - via Zoom).

7. AOB

7.1 Events

  • Past events:

    • Geant4 Beginner Course @ CERN, 27-31 March 2023.

    • CHEP, 8-12 May 2023.

    • Geant4 Doctoral School PHENIICS and IN2P3 “Formation permanente” tutorial (France), 22-26 May 2023.

    • Geant4 Course at the 20th Seminar on Software for Nuclear, Sub-nuclear and Applied Physics, Porto Conte, Alghero (Italy), 4-9 June 2023.

  • Next events:

    • MODE (Machine-learning Optimized Design of Experiments) Workshop, 24-26 July 2023, Princeton University (USA).

    • Geant4 Advanced Course @ CERN, October 2023.

    • Geant4 Space Users Workshop, 5-7 December 2023, Pasadena (USA).

Meeting Date Wednesday, June 28, 2023 - 16:00