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Geant4 10.5
   first released 7 December 2018 (patch-01, released 17 April 2019)

The Geant4 source code is freely available. See the licence conditions.

Please read the Release Notes before downloading or using this release. The patch below contains bug fixes to release 10.5, we suggest you to download and apply the latest patch for release 10.5 (see the additional notes for patch-01), or download the complete source with the patch applied; in any case, it is required to apply a full rebuild of the libraries.

Source files

Please choose the archive best suited to your system and archiving tool:

Data files (*)

For specific, optional physics processes some of the following files are required. The file format is compatible with Unix, GNU, and Windows utilities.

Pre-compiled Libraries

These are compiled with Geant4 default settings and optimization turned on. Please choose according to your system/compiler:

These libraries are built using the embedded CLHEP classes, based on CLHEP version Please refer to the Release Notes for details.

Patches for release 10.5 of Geant4

To install the patch, the archive should be unpacked in the Geant4 installation area where the directory geant4.10.05 is placed, and kernel libraries must be recompiled from scratch.
For instructions on how to unpack, see the notes above for the original source code.

  • Patch-01 (17 April 2019) for Geant4 10.5 contains a collection of various corrections, see the description before downloading the patch itself in the correct format: