Policies and Procedures

Becoming a new member

If you wish to become a new Geant4 member, please refer to these instructions.

Becoming a ‘contributor’

If you wish to become a contributor, which is a sort of light member status, please refer to these instructions. As explained in the contributing section, this could be of interest for young scientists.

Information to newcomers

If you are new to Geant4, you may find useful this overview of the Geant4 collaboration functionning.

Tag and Release Policy

The Tag and Release policy explains the policy and workflow related to releases and patches and the responsibilities of working group and release coordinators in these processes.

Software Development Procedures

  • The development of Geant4 relies on GitLab, under the geant4-dev project. A general overview is given in the README section of the project, and detailed explanations on the adopted workflow are provided in the CONTRIBUTING section. Coding guidelines are also provided.
  • Once your developments are mature enough, you submit merge request(s). These are visible as Open Merge Requests (Requires to log in using your CERN account).
  • The merge request automatically triggers the Continuous testing, that you have to follow for correcting any potential problem. Once the Continuous testing stage is satisfactory, the shifter (see below) may select your merge request for the more intense Nightly testing phase. The shifter will warn you about any potential problem, but you have to follow too the results of this testing. Continuous and Nighly testings are displayed at the Geant4 Testing Dashboard.
  • A shift system is in place. The shifter monitor continuous testing to select merge requests that will go under nightly testing. The shifter has also other responsibilities, described here. Shifters are by default all Steering Board members, plus any additionnal volunteers. If you are interested in taking shift -what you are encouraged to, as it is a nice way to follow collaborators’ work and exchange with them- please contact your Working Group coordinator to get his/her agreement. To susbcribe for shifts, register yourself to the Geant4 Testing shift calendar (Requires to log in using your CERN account).

Geant4 License

The Geant4 developments are distributed under the Geant4 License

Publication Policy

The Publication policy explains the process regulating publications and conference presentations.