Advanced Examples


The Advanced Examples illustrate realistic applications of Geant4 in typical experimental environments. They are developed in collaboration with user groups expert in the corresponding experimental domain. The code of the developed examples can be dowloaded together with the Geant4 toolkit in the directory examples/advanced.

Note: Maintenance and updates of the code are under the responsibility of the authors. No guarantee can be provided on the functionality and the accuracy deriving from the simulation results.

Advanced Examples

A short introduction to each advanced example is provided following the appropriate link in the table below. All examples have a README file in the Geant4 distribution where more technical information is provided (e.g. how to compile and run the simulation). For questions, it is suggested to contact directly the responsible Geant4 Collaborator (indicated in the table below as well) and, eventually, the Coordinator/Deputy Coordinator of the Working Group.

Example name Responsible Geant4 Collaborator Short description
air_shower Bernardo Tomè Modelling of the ULTRA experiment, EUSO mission
ams_Ecal Michel Maire Modelling of the electromagnetic Calorimeter (ECAL) of the AMS-02 experiment
brachytherapy Susanna Guatelli Calculation of dose in a phantom, in the context of brachytherapy
CaTS Hans-Joachim Wenzel Demonstration of the G4Opticks hybrid workflow for the creation and propagation of optical photons on GPU’s
ChargeExchangeMC Alexey Radkov Simulation of hadronic physics experiments of the Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute (PNPI, Russia)
composite_calorimeter Alberto Ribon Example of a test-beam simulation used by the CMS Collaboration, CERN, Geneva, Switzerland
doiPET Susanna Guatelli Modelling of a PET scintillator system
eFLASH_radiotherapy Francesco Romano Modelling of a FLASH radiotherapy beamline
eRosita Francesco Longo Modelling of eROSITA astronomical X-ray full-sky survey mission on-board the Spectrum-X-Gamma space mission
exp_microdosimetry Giuliana Milluzzo Modelling of detectors and their response for microdosimetry for radiation protection in space
fastAerosol Makoto Asai Development of a custom geometry class for accurately and efficiently simulating aerosols with many droplets
gammaknife Francesco Romano Simulation of an advanced device for Stereotactic Radiosurgery
gammaray_telescope Francesco Longo Model of a typical telescope for gamma ray analysis in the context of space exploration
gorad Makoto Asai Turn-key application for radiation analysis and spacecraft design built on top of Geant4
hadrontherapy Pablo Cirrone Model of hadrontherapy beamlines
HGCal_testbeam Anna Zaborowska Demonstration of a high-end High Energy Physics test beam setup, for the endcap electromagnetic calorimeter of the CMS detector CERN-LHCC-2017-023
human_phantom Susanna Guatelli Calculation of dose in analytical anthropomorphic phantoms
ICRP110_HumanPhantoms Susanna Guatelli Calculation of dose in ICRP110 anthorpomorphic phantoms
ICRP145_HumanPhantoms Susanna Guatelli Calculation of dose in ICRP145 anthorpomorphic phantoms
iort_therapy Francesco Romano Model of a typical Intraoperative Radiation Therapy beamline
lAr_calorimeter Andrea Dotti Simulation of the Forward Liquid Argon Calorimeter (FCAL) of the ATLAS Detector, CERN, Switzerland
medical_linac Carlo Mancini Terracciano Model of a typical medical linear accelerator for Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT)
microbeam Sebastien Incerti Simulation of the microbeam cellular irradiation beam line installed on the AIFIRA electrostatic accelerator facility located at LP2i Bordeaux, France
microelectronics Christophe Inguimbert Demonstration on how to activate track structure physics models for electrons in a silicon microelectronics device
nanobeam Sebastien Incerti Simulation of the beam optics of the “nanobeam line” installed on the AIFIRA electrostatic accelerator facility located at LP2i Bordeaux, France
purging_magnet John Apostolakis Modelling of electrons traveling through a 3D magnetic field in the radiotherapy context
STCyclotron Susanna Guatelli Model of the solid target of the South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI), Adelaide, South Australia
stim_pixe_tomography Claire Michelet Simulation of three dimensional proton micro-tomography
underground_physics Alex Howard Example of an underground dark matter experiment. More details are provided in the README file accompanying the example
xray_fluorescence Alfonso Mantero Example reproducing various setups for PIXE and XRF experiments. More details are provided in the README file accompanying the example
xray_telescope Giovanni Santin Simulation of a typical X-ray telescope for space exploration
xray_TESdetector Paolo Dondero Application of Geant4 in a space environment. Model of an X-ray detector derived from the X-IFU, the X-ray spectrometer designed and developed by the European Space Agency (ESA) for use on the ATHENA telescope.
Xray_SiliconPoreOptics Paolo Dondero Model of a single reflective pore used to simulate on a smaller scale the effect of the millions of pores forming the mirror of the ATHENA Silicon Pore Optics (SPO).

Working Group & Contacts

The Working Group webpage provides information on:

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  • Workshop presentations on developments related to the Advanced Examples,
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